Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 15 of 31 Days of Prayers for My Prodigals

Today we heard from Courtney.  Her sister sent me a photo of her, and she appears to have lost a lot of weight.  She is very small and petite, but now she is just thin.

She called me back tonight about 9:00 our time.  She was on her way to the hospital because she said she broke her arm skateboarding.  A man got on the phone and asked if she had insurance.  I told him "no".  She told me that they didn't want to take her to the hospital because she didn't have any money, but she yelled at them, "They have to see me!".  From the hospital, she called again.  She said it was obvious that her arm was broken and they were sending her to Xray.  She said they acted as if they didn't believe she broke it skateboarding.  So I don't know what that means.  She is suppose to call back when she leaves.  Her father and I told her she needs to make plans to come home because if her arm is broken, she can't get a job.  She doesn't want to come.  We'll see.

Dear Lord,  Please watch over Courtney and keep her safe.  Thank you, Lord, for not letting anything serious happen to her today.  Please give her comfort and strength to get through the next few days.  Let her see that she needs to come home.  Please let her arm heal correctly so it will be strong.  Please keep showing Yourself to Courtney.  Let her continue to grow closer to You.  Amen

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