Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13 of 31 Days of Prayers for My Prodigals

Our Daughter called today.  She sounded good, but homesick.  She asked me to look up churches in the new town where she has been staying this week.  I emailed her a list, and made a suggestion of one she might try.  She said she was considering coming home, but she also talked about the possibility of going to college there, and getting to go free.  So I don't know, we will see.

Courtney said she had met another Christian, a believer.  She seemed to find comfort in talking to an lady older that she is, who believed and talked about God with her.  I have been praying that God would bring believers into her life, so that announcement seemed to speak to my heart.

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for allowing us to hear from Courtney.  Thank you for letting her sound so good this evening.  Even thought she was sad, I don't think she had been drinking.  Please, Lord, keep her safe.  Continue to let her be introduced to good, believing people who will encourage her to follow You.  Lord, if it is your will, let her reach the decision that she should come home.  If it is your plan that she stay there, please guide her to see the path you have chosen for her.  Lord, watch over her and keep her safe.  Amen

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