Sunday, September 30, 2012

Day 1 - 31 Days of Prayer for My Prodigals

Day 1.  Yes, I know.  I haven't been here in a while.  So much has been going on.  Life continues, and takes a lot of time, doesn't it?  As you may know, the last time I was here, one of our daughters was home.  Helping her get settled, and get on her feet, took a lot of time.  Not to mention that there were still developments with our other prodigal.  Life just keeps going, and we try to stay caught up.  But I have missed being here.  I didn't feel like I was making any progress.  I wanted this blog to be an encouragement to others who may be living this same life.  But I didn't get feed back that I was helping.  I knew people were coming by to peer and ponder, but was it the "car wreck" kind of thing?  I didn't know.  Well, I have been away for about five months.  A lot has changed, and things are better for my girls in some regards.  But I did get a few emails from some of you.  I thought they were comments, and I had planned to answer them when I returned.  Well, I apologise that I didn't look closer and get back with you immediately.  I am thankful that you took the time to reach out to me.

I will fill you all in on some of what has been going on.  But now for the Day 1 Prayer.

Day 1 - Prayer for my Prodigals.

Dear Lord,

As I do every day, I pray your thorny hedge of protection around my daughters.  All three of them.  I pray that Courtney will be safe in her new home in a state so far from us.  I thank you Lord, for helping her find a job, Friday.  Six weeks is a long time to be dependent on others.  I know your timing is always perfect, and it was this time as well.  The person who helped her move so far from us, had told her that if she didn't have a job in a week, she would have to leave.  So now she just has to get transportation to get her health stuff done so she can begin working in the restaurant and training for a management position.  God, please continue to walk with Courtney daily.  Help her get her life together one step at a time.  Keep your arms around her tight, Lord.  Keep Satan and his angels away from her.  Help her to avoid the temptations that have troubled her in the past.  Help Courtney find believing people who will help her stay on Your path.  Help Courtney grow her faith, Lord, and be the woman of God that you would have her to be.  Please keep her healthy and safe.  Take the desire to hurt herself away, Lord.  We know that desire is of the Devil, Lord, and doesn't come from you.  Let Courtney feel Your presence when she needs comfort.  Let Courtney be brave for you.  She says she hasnt met any Christians there, Lord.  That no one knows you.  Help her find believers, and let Courtney be a light for you.

Lord, I also pray for Molly.  She is being led down the wrong path.  I realize that young girls think that the world is such a fun place.  Much more fun than their mothers are.  I pray Lord, that you will keep your hand on Molly's shoulder.  Take the "friends" who are leading her to the Devil, out of her life.  Remove them.  Help her to find friends that will lead her to you.  Just two weeks ago, as I sat in church, she texted me and said she wanted to find a church.  A church that she liked, that would help her to find a new life.  Please Lord, make that happen.  I pray Lord, that you will show her the man that you have chosen for her, that she can have a good life with.  I pray that you will take the bad men away from her.  Let them lose interest in her.  Let them find new women and take their drugs and alcohol with them.  And let the bad men leave my daughter and my family alone.

Let Molly develop such a desire for You that all else pales in her life.  That she will not desire the bad things anymore.

I pray this all in Jesus' name.  Amen.

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