Sunday, May 6, 2012

Progress from Here! One of Our Prodigals is Home.

A lot has happened in our home in the last month, but mostly in the last week!  My husand and I both said our last week had been unbelievable.  Our prodigal daughter, Courtney, is home.  She came home Friday.  She called me friday at work and wanted to talk, but that is hard to do when you are on the clock.  So I had to keep hanging up, and telling her I would "call back". 

The other female who was living in the apartment my daughter was in, left town.  She told my daughter she needed to leave too, but Courtney didn't listen to her.  Well, Thursday night something happened.  I'm not sure what, but her boyfriend became dangerous and my daughter was fearful for her life.  It was either call me, or her sister, and she called her sister at 2:00 friday morning.  Somehow things settled down, but my daughter knew that she needed to make other arrangements.  There were three men living in the apartment, and her. 

She called a friend to help her pack, because she was afraid to be alone there.  The friend came, and Courtney put all her worldly belongings in her car, and left.  She had wrecked her car a week before, and had only been driving it about a mile down the road to work and back.  But she drove to our home about 30 miles away and made it!  We are trying to sort everything out, but she is here and safe.

Courtney has lost about 18 pounds in the 12 or so weeks she has been gone.  She says she is moving  out of state when this semester is over in June.  So I guess we will see.  I'm glad she is safe.

Our other daughter Molly has had some developments in her life this week, too.  But that will wait for another day.  I can't believe how much has happend for us this week.

I have been praying so long, and it is startling when it all comes together!