Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Day 10 of 31 Days of Prayer for my Prodigals

Today we got bad news about our daughter, Courtney.  One of our daughters heard that Courtney is using Meth.  This is just a rumor.  A second hand comment.  But it most likely is true.  It is very discouraging, and painful for our family.  No one has talked to Courtney since Sunday.  Her phone has been off today.  One of our daughters wants us to go to the place Courtney moved to and "get her" and bring her back here.  We tried to explain to her that Courtney is an adult, and we can't make her come back here.  That would be kidnapping.  I feel badly that our daughter doesn't think we are doing enough.  I plan to talk to her this week, to try to make her understand a little better what we can and can't do.  What our plans are, and our hopes for the future.

Dear Lord,

Today I am sad, but I know that "all things work for good", Lord.  I pray that Courtney will be drawn to you, Lord, and away from the evil that is attracting her.  I pray that tomorrow she will have no desire for the lifestyle she is currently living.  I pray she will wake up and see how she is wasting her life.  She has so much promise and talent, Lord.  She is such a smart girl, and I don't know how to save her. 

Lord, I pray you will place a thorny hedge of protection around Courtney. I pray that she will remain safe.  I pray that you will remove the people from her life who are enabling her to use drugs.  I pray you will place believing  people in her path, who will lead her back to you.  I pray that Satan and his angels will be under Courtney's feet, and will allow her to break free from their power over her.

I pray that people will stop giving her money, so she will realize that she has no choice but to come home, and we will have the opportunity to help her.  I pray that you will remove the desire for drugs and alcohol from her heart.

I pray for her sisters, Lord.  That they will understand our reactions, and help us to help Courtney.  And I pray that they will learn from this pain that they never want to go down this road themselves.

I pray for guidance for myself and my husband.  I pray your hand will be on us as we make decisions that influence our family.

I pray all this in your name, Jesus.  Amen


  1. Found your blog through the Blogelina class. There are many parents out there in similar situations, and I'm sure your blog will be a blessing to them.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Your words are an encouragement to me!