Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daughter May Be Moving

Tuesday our youngest daughter told me that Courtney may be moving to California.  She has a female friend in the Marines who said she would buy her a ticket to come there.  Courtney is fighting with the people she lives with.  It is getting close to time to pay the rent, and since Courtney is not working, they are ready for her to get out.  Molly told her sister that she just needs to come home.  But Courtney said no, she would not be coming home.  The guy in the house she is suppose to be a "couple" with, told her he doesn't want to be with her anymore and she needs to go.  I don't know what she is going to do.  The friend in California may not realize that Courtney plans to stay indefinitely, or that she may have problems the friend isn't aware of.  I guess we'll see how this goes.

Someone emailed me and asked why I just don't talk to Courtney.  I think they thought I was shunning her.  She doesn't want to talk to us.  She left home, and didn't tell us she was leaving.  She hasn't given me her phone number.  She only texts me from other peoples' phones.  I guess she wants to prove she is right, but it isn't working out that way.

I read something tonight that made a lot of sense.  It said that many things can contribute to the way a child turns out, but in the end, it is their choice.  It also said that we can't let the devil tear apart what we have worked so hard for in our family.  That is so true.  Hard, but true.

It is hard for me to let go and take a chance on losing her.  But I just have to remember that the Lord loves Courtney more than I do, and He takes care of His children.

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  1. It is so hard being a parent, but you're right at some point it has to be their choice, and they may have to learn the hard way. My heart breaks for you:(