Sunday, March 18, 2012

Birthday Celebration and other stuff

Yesterday was Courtney's birthday.  Actually she is a twin and it was their birthday.  We planned a small family celebration, and she told her sisters she was coming.  Then she didnt' know if she was coming.  She did come, but she was late, and she brought another girl with her.  One of the girls she is living with.  They sat in chairs side by side, and didn't say much.  She ate, and opened her gifts.  She left early. 

She had been gone about 20 minutes when I got a call from her.  She had left her purse, and was at the gas station and needed someone to bring her purse.  Someone from the party was going that way, and took it to her. 

Today after church, she called again.  I could tell she was crying but she acted like she wasn't, so I didn't say anything.  She asked if she could stay here tonight because she missed us.  I told her she could, so she said she would be here about midnight.  She had to work till 10:00, then had to clean up the restaurant.  She would go by to get her books and computer, and then be out.  So I made her bed, and will wait and see if she shows up.

She called again, still crying.  She asked if I would be able to cash a check she got for her birthday, so she could get to work Monday.  I told her I could.  Last year, the night of her birthday, her birthday cash was stolen and she was beaten up, by the man she lives with now (we believe).  So this year no one gave her money, that I know of. 

One of her sisters told me the man she is staying with was being mean to her this week.  I think he was disappointed today that she didn't get any money from us.  Her sister said they (she lives in an apartment with several people) were asking her to leave, and the guy told her he didn't want to "be with her" any more.

Last night she asked me if I knew why the man from church called her.  She said they are going to lunch Friday.  I told her I didn't, that he called and asked for her number and where she was staying.  She seemed worried.

Maybe things are coming together for her some what.  Not coming together successfully, but coming out so she will see this life is not that great, and she can do better.  She deserves better.  Maybe she will realize this lifestyle is wrong for her.  I hope this is not just a stopping place until she can find somewhere else to stay.

Pray for us.  I'll keep you posted.

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