Monday, April 2, 2012

April is Here

Well, I'm sure you all realized that April is here.  Last month was such a busy month for many reasons.  Our daughter, Courtney didn't move home.  She asked to.  Told us she was going to.  Told us the day and time.  Then, at the last minute she decided that she would tell her boyfriend.  He told here he didn't want her to leave.  After being "mean" to her all month, per her sisters.  She told him she had devoted too much time into a relationship that was never going to change.  That she wanted a different life than the one they were living.  He told her he wanted a new life too.  He wanted to change.  Courtney told me he must mean it, otherwise why say it?  I told her he said it because it was what she wanted to hear.  Now that she got a job and is working 50 hours a week, he finds it a lot nicer to have her and her paycheck around. 

So things around here continue as they are.  We do know where Courtney is working, and I can contact her if I need to.  Her boss at work told her to tell her Mom that she, Courtney, is the "prodigal child" and wants to come home.  This kinda threw me for a loop, for a minute.  Then Courtney said, "My boss said you would know what that meant, and who that was".  I told her that I did know what that meant."  I went by her work one day, and met her boss and co-workers.  They all seemed very nice, Christian people.  I have been praying that believing Christian people would be in her life each day, and encourage her to change her life.  It looks like that is coming to pass. 

After I left, Courtney's boss asked if she was moving home.  Courtney said," probably, but I'm not sure yet".  Her boss told her they would talk later, but she really needs to make this change.

Sunday at church we had an egg hunt and lunch.  All my family was there.  All my daughters, and my husband, as well as myself and my grandchild.  It was wonderful for us all to be together. 

Tomorrow I will tell you about the call I got from a church elder this week.


  1. I read each of your posts with a heavy heart for you and your husband. Praying your daughter sees the truth, turns to Jesus and comes home.

  2. Thanks so much for your prayers and kind words!